Tools to Better Connect Businesses and Customers

Customer satisfaction is important for your business if they are happy with your service, they are more likely to recommend you to others. Developing and maintaining that comfort is not always easy. In many cases, it can take an approach from numerous angles to reach your customers and engage with them.

Seeking advice if you are unsure is the best way forward, and making it part of your marketing campaign will enable others within your company to share ideas and offer solutions.


If you have a website, you can use it to become more engaged with your customers. Creating content that is relevant to your business and engaging with the people who read it, will encourage more interaction. Ask their clients opinion on different topics, such as a new design or product. It will not only make your clients feel more involved, but it will also allow you to gauge public opinion on the new products.

You can run advertisement campaigns and competitions on your site as well. Competitions, in particular, are always a good way of getting visitors to your website. If you offer one of your products as a prize, you are also promoting your brand and hopefully using word of mouth to sell it.

Social Media

Social media platforms are growing all the time; it is one of the principle ways that many people see news and catch up with events. It is also a way that they engage with the brands they like and ones they are exposed to on their feed.

Regularly posting on sites like Twitter and Facebook will get your customers involved and can encourage them to click through to your website. You can post a link from your site to your social media accounts to promote a product or competition, but beware that you do not want just to promote your products. Posting about other related topics in the news will add another dimension to your business and lead the customer to feel closer to your brand.


You can use your software to make sure you are engaged with your clients. Even simple things such as having an available email address can make customers less frustrated. If your existing software is not able to achieve this, then migrating to Office 365 or other similar software can help. It has all the functions you need while enabling you to access it wherever you are.

Listening to Customers

Social media is all about communication, and this is a two-way street. If you post something on your feed, you should be prepared to answer any comments or questions you get. Customers feel closer to brands that take the time to respond to them and value what they say.

The same applies to your website, you are not always going to get positive comments, but the way you deal with them is important. Always try to respond, even if it is to offer an opinion or to tell them to speak to one of your colleagues. The fact that you have bothered to respond will make all the difference.

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