The Common Causes of Data Loss

Data loss can be incredibly frustrating and could be caused by one of many reasons, such as a hard drive issue or software problem. To prevent you from losing your important documents, audio files, videos and photos, we are looking at the most common causes of data loss.

Hardware Failure

Unfortunately, hard drive failure is one of the most common causes of data loss, and it can also be one of the most challenging problems to fix. Many people do not realise the complexity of a hard drive, which has been created using intricate machinery in a particle-free clean room. The meticulous design is a testament to the skill of the engineers, because it is a feat that the hardware can even be created.

As hardware issues can be difficult to fix, the best solution will be to consult a data recovery expert to retrieve your lost data. To avoid data retrieval in the future, you must be prepared for the day when a hard drive eventually comes to the end of its life, which is why you should start backing up your files.

Software Issues

One of the easiest hard drive problems to recover from is a software issue, as it can be simple to retrieve documents that have been accidently deleted. There are, however, some software issues that are a little more complicated to remedy, but they are not impossible with the help of an experienced professional.

Viruses & Malware

Viruses attack computer systems every day. Unfortunately, once they are in, they may significantly affect your software, corrupt data and could misuse an internet connection. The damage they cause will be dependent on the type of virus you encounter on a computer.

Many cyber criminals will make it their mission to gain access to a company’s computer to steal or destroy a person or organization’s valuable data, which could offer everything from financial databases, client information, transactions and more. Many cyber criminals attempt to gain access to a company’s financial details, whilst destroying the operation system to cover their tracks.

You must therefore take steps to strengthen your network security to prevent a cyber-attack. Also, as mentioned earlier, ensure you regularly backup data, so you can gain access to the files once a virus has been removed or you have changed computers.

Power Failures

Nothing can be more annoying than working on an important presentation or graphic design only for a computer to experience a power failure. You may therefore be kicking yourself that you didn’t regularly backup the file. This is a common way to lose data, so regularly save a document whilst your work.

Many people may not be aware that shutting a computer down without following the correct procedure may harm a device. By unexpectedly turning a computer off, you could cause significant hardware or operating system issues, which could make it difficult to access data in the future.

With affordable data recovery prices available online, it is worth contacting experienced professionals to retrieve your important files.

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