David Stubbs

David Stubbs

David Stubbs

Founder, RightIndem

RightIndem is a fascinating development of our work to manage the costs, and improve the delivered customer service associated with insurance claims.

Since launching RightIndem through Start Up Boot Camp’s InsureTech Initiative, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response from the industry. With each day a new use case for the RightIndem claims solution being bought to us by insurers for household, travel and even health claims, we soon learned that we have an offer that is far broader than our initial use case of Motor.

Most recently we have begun discussion with a major insurer who wants to link RightIndem with their claims clients in order to offer a wholly self managed claims portal for the insured, together with an automated vehicle replacement offer for total loss claims will reduce leakage while provide customers with a responsive, transparent and complete indemnity service.

Add to this the pilots we have agreed with major insurers for support of ‘traditional’ post damage assessment Total Loss claims and we have to be pleased with the industries reception of RightIndem and also the support we have received from SBC and our mentors.

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