How to Create an Effective Social Media Strategy

Social media is easily one of the most effective marketing tools in today’s modern world. Use it well, and you could create long-lasting connections with your customers. Sadly, many marketers fail to create a social media strategy, which can result in poor posts or a PR catastrophe. We are therefore providing some top tips to help you create a clear plan.

Define Goals

Before you do anything, you must sit down and define your social media goals, such as why are you embarking on a social media campaign? Do you want to increase your brand awareness? Drive sales? Connect with customers?

While many of the goals will often go hand-in-hand, there will be some goals that are more important than the others. So, you should sit down to focus on just one or two strategies to ensure you reach your mission.

Set Clear Objectives

Your goals will be tied to your objectives. For example, set measurable, realistic expectations each month, such as attaining 100 leads per month or boosting your social media followers by 50% each month. Remember, you should try to set achievable goals, or your achievements will only deflate you.

Create Customer Personas

It is essential to market social media posts to the right audience, which is why you should aim to create buyer personas that detail the perfect customer. For example, what is their age, income range, marital status, dislikes, hobbies, etc? By identifying the dream consumer, you will know who to target with each post.

Gain YouTube Subscribers

With one in two internet users using YouTube each month, it is one of the most influential channels online and has the power to considerably boost your brand if used well. With the active audience looking for brands they can trust, it is important to develop a strong social media presence as soon as possible, which will encourage more people to subscribe to your account. It might, therefore, be beneficial to buy YouTube channel subscribers, which will provide real volume that can improve your online profile and integrity.

Research Your Competition

Make sure you research the competition to spot any gaps in the market and identify where they are going right or wrong. You may be able to learn from their mistakes or integrate their successes into your own social media campaign.

So, carefully study their posts, customer responses, the tone of voice and any culture references they use. You should also review how well their posts are working, such as their social media likes, shares and comments.

Pick the Perfect Channels

Every social media channel has different functions. For example, Facebook is a great tool for content marketing and can drive a significant amount of traffic to a website, while Instagram is more visual and utilizes high-quality photos. However, if you are targeting entrepreneurs, businesses and potential industry affiliates, LinkedIn is the ideal platform. You should always select the right social media channels to complement a brand’s needs.

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