5 Website Mistakes You Must Avoid

It is never too late to learn from your website’s mistakes, which could be significantly harming your business. To help you identify where you might be going wrong, we will show you the five mistakes you must avoid on your website.

  1. Under-planning

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is under-planning your website, from its launch to its growth. Unfortunately, if you fail to plan a website, you could underestimate your target market, forget core pages or miss a promotional opportunity.

So, before you even buy the domain, you should sit down and think about your demographic, branding, content marketing strategy and the many pages you will need to reinforce your products and services. You must also think carefully about your call to actions, which could improve your conversion rate.

  1. Focusing Too Much on the Product

Chances are, you have created a website to sell a product or service. Sadly, the biggest mistake you could be making on your website is focusing too much on the product. You must, therefore, aim to identify what makes you different from your rivals, showcasing your personality through your branding. For example, do you have a lengthy history or personal philosophy that make you stand apart from your industry rivals?

  1. Poor Hosting

Does your website regularly suffer downtime? If so, not only could this stop people shopping with you at the checkout, but it can lead to a poor user experience that results in a customer turning to a competitor. Cheap hosting can equal a reliable service – you simply need to do your homework to discover a dependable, affordable hosting provider that will not let you down. So, improve your bottom-line and reputation and change your host.

  1. You’re Not Blogging

A blog is a great way to keep your website fresh, emphasise your tone of voice and promote your products and services. Not only that, but it can also drive significant traffic to your website, as active users are looking for informative, helpful and engaging content.

You can also use your blog to promote your products, release company news or offer helpful tips that aid the customer experience, which could increase your profit margin. You must promote the articles across social media, which can help you attract a considerable amount of new and existing customers to your website.

  1. You Use Low-Quality Photos

Low-quality photos will reflect a low-quality product or service. If you want to maintain a professional, high-quality image, you must only feature the highest quality photos across your website. A professional photographer must, therefore, take the images, so they are not blurry or pixelated and will reflect the high-quality product your business offers the customer. If you cannot afford professional photography services, you could always utilise the many stock photography websites that provide thousands of crisp images that can complement your brand.

Don’t be afraid to look at competitors’ websites for inspiration, which could provide opportunities for you to develop your site or eliminate any mistakes, as well as help you plan something different to your rivals.

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