4 Things Your E-Commerce Platform Must Have

When it comes to running a successful e-commerce site, there are certain things that you might want to have but there are at least four things that are an absolute must. With the object being to make sales, these things are what you need to convert visitors to buyers. Here are the leading four things that every e-commerce platform must have.

1) Fully Integrated CMS

The most important thing your site must have is a fully integrated CMS. This is a platform that integrates front and back end so that there is a seamless process that keeps everything under one roof, so to speak. If, for example, your corporation runs a platform such as SAP, take a few moments to check out the website and you’ll see exactly what a fully integrated SAP CMS can do for both you, in terms of managing your SAP e-commerce solution, and your customers, in terms of having a real time view of their account, your product stock and overall product data. In fact, the right platform lets you handle everything from managing categories, products, catalogues, SEO and specific product attributes. Thus enabling your customers to easily navigate your site and find what they are looking for.

2) Fully Responsive Web Design

As of 2015, more people searched and bought from a mobile device than from a PC at home or work. This being the case, Google has made it mandatory to offer a responsive web design or you could slip down on the SERPs. It’s all about UX (user experience) and if users can’t view your site on the tiniest device, you don’t have what it takes to give them that great shopping experience.

3) UX Designed to Convert

When you have your website built for you, the one thing you must expect from your web development company is a site that is designed to convert. This means taking visitors through a logical progression of pages and steps that take them to the ‘close.’ Without knowing it, they will be led from an introduction of a product or service to information detailing what it is or how it can benefit them right through to the shopping cart where they will hit the ‘Buy Now’ button. This is something that will most likely take a professional web development/marketing firm, so don’t skimp here. After all, you are running an e-commerce site and the object is to make sales. This takes the expertise of experienced professionals, so pay now to earn later. It’s a simple formula for success.

4) User-Friendly Interface

From the way in which your pages are arranged to the ease at which visitors can navigate your checkout process, a user-friendly interface is an absolute necessity. Just as a SAP ERP makes your life easier from ordering to selling (and everything in between) so too is that user-friendly interface a must. The object is to convert and if a visitor can’t easily see and navigate your site, they will bounce off to the next merchant listed in the SERPs.

While there are a number of other features which a good e-commerce site should have, these are of ultimate importance if you want to be a success. Streamline everything with the right solution, and make the site user-friendly and responsive. If you can accomplish that, you will convert at higher rates than you ever thought possible and that, after all, is why you are in business. You are looking to convert visitors to customers and this is how it’s done.

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