Online Learning and Fintech: The New Future

Technology is shaping different parts of our future as we speak. New technologies are being implemented faster than ever, especially now that there are more users to benefit from these new technologies. The market is anticipating the next big thing at every turn.

Online learning has been one of the most successful implementations of technology in recent years. Instead of having to relocate to somewhere near the university, students can now access the best universities in the US and UK – and even across Europe – from the comfort of their homes. Paired with the latest financial technologies, online learning is shaping the future for a lot of people.

Better Access to Education

In the old days, enrolling in universities such as Hofstra Law meant moving to the other side of the pond. This wasn’t an easy process to deal with and it was certainly far from affordable. Today, however, the same universities and the programs they have can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

If you’re thinking about taking a health policy degree, for example, you can find a suitable program on Hofstra Law’s website, qualify for it and get started with the course without a problem. Their health law programs are also available for those with or without a bachelor’s degree in law, with different master’s degrees to pursue in each case.

Breaking Boundaries

Online learning is really breaking a lot of boundaries. The available programs are notably more affordable than their offline counterparts. More importantly, there is no need to worry about living costs and other expenses associated with moving to somewhere closer to the university.

Students are not required to attend classes. In certain cases, there is only a mandatory introduction session to attend. This may still require a trip to the university, but it is certainly not as demanding as having to relocate entirely.

Online learning is also making pursuing a higher degree possible for those working a full-time job or managing businesses. The flexibility offered by online courses is one of its main virtues. Students have the ability to complete the course at their own pace, with accelerated programs allowing students to acquire a master’s degree in as little as 12 months.

Pushing the Limits Further

Financial technology is making online education even more accessible in many ways. Fintech startups such as Upstart and Lending Club are making financing an online degree a lot easier to do. These lending services are starting to look into student loans and personal loans for students more seriously, especially now that the market is growing at a steady rate.

Some universities are even starting to accept online payments and cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is working with several top universities in the US and UK to make Bitcoin payment more accessible. Stores that sell books and other course materials accept PayPal and other forms of online payment already.

These changes are indeed shaping the future, not only for those who want to pursue a higher degree, but for many industries as well. Businesses now have more qualified people to fill essential positions. Employees can continue to expand their skills and capabilities without quitting their jobs. It is a whole new future indeed.

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