Is College a Worthwhile Investment for Entrepreneurs?

For entrepreneurs, the age-old question of whether or not going to college is a worthwhile investment still stands. And, there’s no set answer, either – college has helped many entrepreneurs to realize and achieve their dreams, while many successful business owners have never had a college education, nor plan to. The truth is, there are many different factors which could determine whether your choice to go to college is a wise one. We’ve listed just some of the main things for business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs to consider when deciding if college is worth it.

Type of Degree

If you’re hoping to become a successful entrepreneur, there are many different degree courses which you could choose from. Simply going to college won’t be enough to make you a better entrepreneur; you will need to choose a course that will teach you valuable knowledge and skills for entrepreneurship in your chosen industry, for example this MBA in healthcare management from George Washington University. If you are an undergraduate student, a subject such as business management, finance, economics, or marketing can help you to set off in the right direction.


One of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs choose to attend college is that it’s a great opportunity for networking and meeting people who could potentially be very valuable to your existing or future business. For example, if you take an MBA healthcare management degree, you will be able to collaborate and communicate with not only other students, but people working in healthcare management, healthcare entrepreneurs, employers, investors, medical professionals and even patients, all of whom can be hugely beneficial to your entrepreneurial plans and goals.


Many entrepreneurs like to have a back-up plan. In today’s world where nine out of every ten start-ups fail quickly and competition is fiercer than ever before, knowing that you are employable if things don’t go to plan with your company can be great peace of mind and help to keep your stress levels at bay. Taking a college degree course in a business-related subject can not only help you to become a better entrepreneur, it can also open many opportunities for alternative, lucrative business careers if your business doesn’t work out or you simply fancy a career change in the future.

Keep it Current

The world of business and entrepreneurship is constantly changing, with new techniques, strategies and methods for gaining success being introduced to the industry all the time. Because of this, entrepreneurs who have little to no knowledge of starting and running their own business can often find it difficult to keep up, running into difficulty as they get left behind. Going to college will not only be a great way to learn about current business trends and more, but you’ll also learn valuable skills for research and keeping up to date that you can use throughout your entrepreneurial career.

Do you think that entrepreneurs can benefit from attending college, or is it unnecessary? Share your opinions in the comments.

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