Healthcare Innovations We Could See Next Year

Healthcare innovations are always happening, so it can be difficult to keep up. Even medical breakthroughs are occurring every day and leading to much better treatment plans and faster diagnosis rates for patients. If you are interested in learning about a few of the healthcare innovations that you might end up seeing next year, in particular, keep reading.

Advancements in Health Communication

Health communication, or the ability of a healthcare facility to promote itself and reach a larger group of patients, will certainly change in 2017 and beyond as new technologies emerge. If you already have your health communication degree, you can head back to school to stay abreast of the latest changes and upgrades by getting your masters in health communication from a school like Boston University. The future of health communication involves using your knowledge of health and your knowledge of marketing to grow any healthcare company, so it is definitely exciting.

Telemedicine Can Connect Patients with Doctors from Remote

Telemedicine will let patients interact with their doctors, as well as their specialists, by simply utilizing their mobile devices like their smartphones and tablets. Video chats could allow for super fast communications and cost-effective ways for patients to get the medical advice that they need, when they need it. So rather than having to go to the doctor’s office and wait to be seen in person, you can connect with your physician and get answers to put your mind at ease.

A New Type of Biopsy for Cancer

Liquid biopsies can be a better way to determine if cancer is present in a patient because it does not involve any of the pain associated with traditional biopsies, and it might even end up being more affordable. This year, liquid biopsies could be taking center stage as a new way to locate tumor DNA that is in the blood, urine, and spinal fluid. These types of biopsies might even be able to help physicians better understand the ways in which tumors will change to overcome treatments, and it can also help them identify the disease in its earliest stages.

An HPV Test That Patients Can Take Themselves

With nearly 13,000 new cervical cancer cases diagnosed in a year, it is vitally important that women test themselves for HPV, which is one of the leading causes of the disease. Now there is an HPV test that patients can take themselves. It is designed for women over 30 years of age, and it will detect the presence of the virus within cells in the cervix by using a vaginal swab. Women can take the test at home, use the appropriate packaging to send their sample to the lab, and receive the results via email, text, or postal mail.

As more and more innovations are released in the coming year and beyond, it will be very exciting to see where the healthcare industry goes. It will also be great to see how much more effective the industry will be when it comes to how it can deliver the best care to patients all over the globe.

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